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इ 8 वी सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 35

इ 8 वी  सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 35

विषय  – इंग्रजी 

Activity no-35

Instructions for teachers and parents /facilitators: 1) Show the things in a First Aid Kit.

2) Discuss about the usage of each object.

3) Give them demo how to use first aid kit.

4) Create some situations give them demo how and where to use first aid things.

5) Discuss the first aid kit of 2020.

6) Discuss what precautions should be taken during corona pandemic.

Instructions for students:

1) Observe the shown objects or pictures carefully. 2) Tell the names of things required in first aid kit

3) Discuss the uses of various things in First Aid Kit

Learning Activity:

Name the following things and write its usage.


1) Which things are required in a first Aid Box?

2) How would you treat the following?

i) A person who feels faint.

ii) A person met with an accident.

iii) How would you treat a scrapped knee? Make your own First Aid Kit at your home.

4. विषय – परिसर अभ्यास / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका

सेतू अभ्यास विषय परिसर अभ्यास  / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका याचा अभ्यास करण्यासाठी