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इ 7 वी सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 40

इ 7 वी  सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 40

विषय  – इंग्रजी 

Activity – 40

Instructions for students:

  1. Read the given story carefully.
  2. Understand the theme of the story.
  3. Read and understand the words given in bracket.
  4. Put the given words properly in given blank space.
  5. Make the story meaningful.

The Hidden Treasure

A peasant had several sons. But they were all lazy and did not help him in the farm. One day the peasant became ill. He knew he was dying. So he called all his sons together and said to them: “A treasure lies hidden in my fields. But to find it you shall have to dig hard for it.”

The peasant died. At once his sons went to the fields, and dug every bit of die land, but they found no treasure.

They were very sad. Soon the rains fell and, as the earth has been well dug; they sowed the corn. There was a very fine crop that year. The sons now learnt what their father meant by treasure. The treasure could be got only by hard work.

Solved Activity/ Demo:

Developing a Story

Some points are given below to develop the story of Gautam Buddha. The points are given in jumbled order. Arrange them in proper sequence and develop into a complete story.

add a suitable title.


1) met an old man, a dead man and an ill man lying on the road.

2) Prince Siddhartha.

3) became Gautam Buddha.

4) Living in a Palace.

5) complete change in life.

6) understood their worries.

7) going out of the palace with ministers.

8) happy life with his wife and son.

9) gave the world the message of peace and service. 10) left the palace.


Write a story of around 90 words. Use the following outlines.Give your story a title. A young deer – has beautiful horns – sees his image in the water – admires his attractive horns is sad to see his thin legs – hears the horn of a hunter – tries to run away fast- his legs help him – his horns get entangled in some thorny bushes – dies.

Extension Activity/ Parallel Activity/ Reinforcement:

The Great Gautam Buddha.

Once, there was a prince called Siddhartha. He lived with his wife Yashoda and son Rahul in a huge and beautiful palace. He lived there very happily. He was very rich and had many servants.

One day, Siddhartha met an old man and an old man on the road. Their minds were burdened with worry, anxiety, fear and depression. Theirs clothes were tattered and torn. Theirs feet were stained with mud. The prince gave them some food and money for me treatment. He came to know about their worries and sufferings. The old man told him that there was one important thing in life and that was ‘To be Kind’. Then he met the dead man’s procession. The minister told him that everyone has to go through this. Hearing this, he came to know that there is nothing in human’s life. His attitude about the life changed.

He decided to leave all the luxuries and comforts. He left the palace, his wife and son in search of the knowledge. He meditated and got enlightenment. And, he became Gautam Buddha. He preaches the people Peace and Non-violence.


  • Tell the moral of the story in your mother tongue

4. विषय – परिसर अभ्यास / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका

सेतू अभ्यास विषय परिसर अभ्यास  / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका याचा अभ्यास करण्यासाठी