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इ 7 वी सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 35

इ 7 वी   सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 35

विषय  – इंग्रजी 

Activity – 35

Instructions for students:

1. Read and observe the letter.

2. Underline the new words.

3. Underline the beginning last lines and sign off lines.

4. Write down the parts of the letter.

5. Guess the occasion when informal letters are written.

Learning Activity:

1. Find and copy the non-English words in the letter.

2. Make a list of your favourite foods for dishes. Note how many words are English.

3. List the interesting things that Raman did at Sagroli.

4. Find and write the parts of the letter.

5. Find out and write what is written at the beginning, middle and at the end of the letter.

Extension Activity/ Parallel Activity/ Reinforcement:

Write a letter to your friend telling him about your village using given words

(Rampur, home town, farms, rivers, enjoy ,mangoes and sugarcane, ride on a bullock cart, loving grand parents, lot of fun, wonderful time,)


  1. Whom do we write informal letters?
  2. What is used in the beginning to greet?
  3. How do we conclude the letter?

4. विषय – परिसर अभ्यास / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका

सेतू अभ्यास विषय परिसर अभ्यास  / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका याचा अभ्यास करण्यासाठी