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इ 8 वी सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 41

इ 8 वी सेतू अभ्यास दिवस 41

विषय  – इंग्रजी 

Activity no-41

Instructions for students:

1) Listen to the instructions of your teacher/parent/ facilitator carefully.

2) Follow the instructions as per suggested guidelines.

3) Explore more activities related to this activity.

Learning Activity:

Use of Prefixes and Suffixes Pre reading activity.

Divide the class into Groups .each group will be given some pieces of century papers and make learners to draw fishes on a chart paper fishes will have root words written on them then ask the students to attach prefixes & suffixes to it after writing on another pieces of papers. Give students Suffixes & Prefixes such as Im, Bi, able, dis, on the body of each fish the paring word will be such like possible, cycle, value, comfort. Students have to put together the word and write it neatly and clearly on a small piece of paper and stick it on the wall.

What is prefix?

Prefix means to fix before or prefixes are placed in front of a word to change the meaning of the word. E.g. Bicycle, unkind, impossible, uncomfortable etc.

What is Suffix?

Suffix is placed at the end of a word. E.g. Slowly, Carefully, Happily, Valuable.

Choose the correct prefixes and suffixes from the bracket and join it to the following root

4. विषय – परिसर अभ्यास / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका

सेतू अभ्यास विषय परिसर अभ्यास  / विज्ञान कृतिपत्रिका याचा अभ्यास करण्यासाठी